commission for krazybomb - six more spirits!

1. brine: an ancient spirit that dwells in bogs and swamps - can be responsible for strange lights often seen at night; will also flood the area if angered.

2. dirge: a spirit most often seen visiting those who have recently lost someone close to them; will attempt to comfort and console by singing beautiful yet sorrowful songs.

3. amon: a demon of time, amon is responsible for maintaining order in the timelines. ‘glitches’ in reality are most often attributed to amon sleeping on the job.

4. battalion: this warmongering spirit is responsible for inciting anything from small skirmishes to crusades in the name of chaos. delights in the torment of mankind. 

5. atlas: during times of extreme toil, this spirit can visit and attempt to alleviate the stress of the afflicted, albeit temporarily. even so, a few moments of peace can make the world of difference for those under pressure.

6. panik: a spirit of anxiety and stress, panik’s multiple heads often cause it more trouble then benefit as when it does actually see danger, the heads will attempt to pull the single body in multiple directions. 

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Norweigan roses. (by Coffee & Cigarettes.)


Norweigan roses. (by Coffee & Cigarettes.)

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T h e r e ’ s   n o   h a p p y   e n d i n g   w i t h   m e .

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you got blood on your hands (and i know it’s mine)


Bucky refuses to see Steve after his deprogramming. 

3k words; cw for suicidal ideation, knives, and depression. roboclaws inspired me to finally finish my own WIP today so this is for her :)

[on AO3]


“He doesn’t want to see you,” Natasha says bluntly, leaving the holding cell where the Winter Soldier is sequestered with as little pomp and circumstance as possible for the asset’s first requested visitor. Steve’s stomach feels like it sinks from his knees to his feet.

“Did he say why?” Steve bites out.

“Yes,” Natasha sighs pointedly. “But it’s not really for me to get between you two. He’ll come around.”

“Or he won’t.”

“Or he won’t.”

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LUX ET NOX: an instrumental mix in two parts
(part 1)(part 2)

“The dance between darkness and light will always remain— the stars and the moon will always need the darkness to be seen, the darkness will just not be worth having without the moon and the stars.” 
― C. JoyBell C.

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